“Stax artist William Bell’s wonderful “Every Day Will Be Like A Holiday” is given a terrific rocksteady treatment by The New Limits here” Steve Shafer – Duff Guide to Ska

“This is a band the scene can be proud of and should carry as contemporary heroes”
Steven Bauer – ReadJunk

“every song is not a carbon copy of the one before, but rather is a new musical experience”

“This is a must for any New Limits fan, no, every ska fan to add to their collection.”

“Included on GO FEET! Radio’s Best of 2015 Mixtape”
Nate Ness Monster – GO FEET! Radio

“Best SKA Band 2015”
Tim Forker – Forkster

“The session resulted in a 5-song EP of one fluid, live recording that, in all honesty, sounds pretty damn good for an in-studio take and represents the integrity of The New Limits as a live act.”
Kristin Nicholls – Bishop and Rook

“The New Limits were certainly raised on the tunes during the heyday of American ska; however their take on the genre is no carbon copy.”

“The band is anchored by a tight rhythm section laying a foundation for soulful vocals and a horn section that knows exactly how to complement a song.”
Steven Bauer – Read Junk

“The New Limits kicked off the night stirring up the pot, they formed in early 2013. The band hails from Boston and play a mix of traditional two-tone ska and reggae, fitting in well, and kicking off the night leaving everyone ready for more.”
Bill Jolliemore – National Rock Review

“I felt like this band could do no wrong…I can’t state how much this set kicked ass.”
Skot Silver – Scott Silva's Writings & Ramblings