“I’m back at it again with 23min of ska and ska/punk in a holiday style for you”
23 Min of Ska Podcast

“Stax artist William Bell’s wonderful “Every Day Will Be Like A Holiday” is given a terrific rocksteady treatment by The New Limits here” Steve Shafer – Duff Guide to Ska

“This is a band the scene can be proud of and should carry as contemporary heroes”
Steven Bauer – ReadJunk

“every song is not a carbon copy of the one before, but rather is a new musical experience”

“This is a must for any New Limits fan, no, every ska fan to add to their collection.”

“Included on GO FEET! Radio’s Best of 2015 Mixtape”
Nate Ness Monster – GO FEET! Radio

“Best SKA Band 2015”
Tim Forker – Forkster

“The session resulted in a 5-song EP of one fluid, live recording that, in all honesty, sounds pretty damn good for an in-studio take and represents the integrity of The New Limits as a live act.”
Kristin Nicholls – Bishop and Rook

“The New Limits were certainly raised on the tunes during the heyday of American ska; however their take on the genre is no carbon copy.”

“The vocals are swaying with brilliant skay form, riff actions rocking mighty and the rhythm section is absolutely bringing it’ with brass unit outstanding tones entirely. My ear rock modules were catching their complete ‘pick it up – pick it up’ platform. If you love your music with the moves and the grooves of ska then I strongly consider you taking your ear tones to these rockin’ cats, superb band! (sic)”
timforker – FORKSTER'S Daily Band Review

“The band is anchored by a tight rhythm section laying a foundation for soulful vocals and a horn section that knows exactly how to complement a song.”
Steven Bauer – Read Junk

“The New Limits kicked off the night stirring up the pot, they formed in early 2013. The band hails from Boston and play a mix of traditional two-tone ska and reggae, fitting in well, and kicking off the night leaving everyone ready for more.”
Bill Jolliemore – National Rock Review

“I felt like this band could do no wrong…I can’t state how much this set kicked ass.”
Skot Silver – Scott Silva's Writings & Ramblings

“Skank ‘n’ stroll your way over to The Midway Café April 4th for A Fool’s Night Out featuring some of Boston’s premier ska bands including The Copacetics, The Allstonians, The New Limits, The Screw-Ups and special guests Rude Sounds Selectors.”
Bishop and Rook – Bishop and Rook