Koozies and CDs Now Available Online

Head to Bandcamp today to buy a koozie or a CD! Any physical merch purchases come with free stickers and pins. On Bandcamp Fridays, Bandcamp waives their revenue splits so we get all of your financial support. Where’s that money going? Hopefully into a new record that we very much want to make.


You can also find our CD, alongside other great local records, at Monumental Market in Jamaica Plain, also home to Light of Day Records.

cd on the shelf

rehearsal photosWhat have we been up to? Given the circumstances, we’re doing our darnedest to rehearse and learn some new songs. It’s been slowgoing, but as you might imagine, we’re just happy to be in a room making music together. We just can’t wait to perform live again and do some recording. We miss hanging out with you!

If you’ve already collected all of our releases, we thank you for your support! Please visit bandcamp and support other artists!

JP Porch Fest 2021

We are just stoked to be playing Jamaica Plain Porchfest this year. Thanks to all the organizers and sponsors for making this happen. We’re so happy to be performing again.

UPDATE: We thought a hurricane was coming through. It sort of did. The show was postponed. We’re now playing SATURDAY AUGUST 28 at 23 Wenham St.

Sun Aug 22, 12 PM at 23 Wenham St (Wenham Street Cinema)
close to Forest Hills Station. Free. All ages.

Be sure to check the full schedule. See you soon JP!

Bandcamp Friday: Download our Discography and Fight Hunger in Boston

3 releases for $10

Today is Bandcamp Friday! Once a month, bandcamp waives their cut and 100% of sales goto the artist. Today, we’ll donate 100% of our bandcamp sales to the Greater Boston Food Bank, supporting our neighbors in need. To top it all off, we’ll match whatever we sell with an additional donation.

For $10, you can download our self-titled album, our “Pressure Up” EP, and our Live at WEMF EP that’s not available on streaming services.

If you’ve already collected all of our releases, we thank you for your support! Please visit bandcamp and support other artists!

Fan Art: “Compass” by Brett Kelley

Thank you to artist and fan Brett Kelley for this beautiful interpretation of the song “Compass.” This particular piece art was a part of Thalo Art’s #thalojukeboxjuly, inspired by the prompt “the last song you danced to at a party.” We are beyond flattered.

compass by brett kelley
Artwork by Brett Kelley

Follow Brett Kelley on Social Media: Instagram, Facebook

Listen to “Compass” off our debut EP “Pressure Up” on Spotify, Apple Music, and Bandcamp.


RIP Great Scott

Saddened by the loss of Great Scott. A great place to see an intimate show and have fun without emptying your wallet, it held the double duty of showcasing upcoming local bands and hosting a bunch of in-demand touring acts from across the world. This is the loss of a Boston institution that always showed what made the local community so special. Great Scott Forever.

The New Limits perform at Great Scott in August 2018
Performing at Great Scott in August 2018